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The case of Rachel Morgan  

Another witness, Mary Davies, told the court that she saw Rachel Morgan running away from the shop on the afternoon concerned.
Perhaps the most important evidence was that of Maria Morris, who claimed that Rachel Morgan had called her round to her house and then asked her to lie to the authorities...

  "She wanted me to swear I was in her house when the Boy went for the oil. I refused".
If Maria had said she was there with her then Mrs Morgan couldn't have been stealing money from the shop.
Maria Morris claimed that when she refused, Rachel Morgan threatened her.
"Prisoner said if I refused she would remember me as long as I lived".
  Rachel Morgan denied being anywhere near the shop, and as nobody actually saw her steal the money she was found not guilty. The penalties for criminals in Victorian times were very harsh, but it is good to know that trials like this one were fair.
Did Rachel Morgan steal the money ? We will never know !

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