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Policing the Upper Swansea Valley  

Even with the new full-time professional Superintendent Constables at work in the area, there were still problems. In Ystradgynlais the Superintendent Constable was the problem ! Thomas Vigers was quarrelsome, and often drunk. He neglected his duties and used bad language to such an extent that local people got together a petition to have him removed.

In 1856 the government forced all counties to set up a proper Police Force with Inspectors, Sergeants and Police Constables.
In January 1857 a Chief Constable was appointed to run the Breconshire Constabulary, as the new force was known.
The police officers based at Ystradgynlais were recorded in the note below.


" Ystradgynlais one Sergeant and one Constable..."

A new Police Station and Magistrates Court was built in Ystradgynlais for the new force on the banks of the River Tawe near Oddfellows Street. This building is shown in the photograph (right).


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