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  A young boy loses an arm  

Another very sad story from the school Log Books for Ynscedwyn School is shown here.
This was written in 1889 and it tells of a boy who had been at another school, then left school to work but was terribly injured in an accident at work very soon afterwards.

31st May
School log book entry

This entry from the school records says:
"I have admitted several children this week; one boy - Samuel Griffiths - being from Cwmtwrch School. He commenced working about nine months ago and very soon lost his left arm".

The working conditions in most Victorian factories, foundries and mines were terrible, and accidents and illness were very common. There were no protective guards on moving machinery or any of the strict safety rules that apply today.
Poor Samuel would probably have been only twelve or thirteen years old when his arm was cut off, and it would have been very difficult for him to get a job after this. Other young boys had similar accidents...

Other boys injured at work...


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