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  The family from 'the big house'

The entry below from the Log Book of Ynscedwyn School shows how the families who owned the large country mansions and estates had much more influence on the local community in Victorian times.
This was written in the school diary in October 1876:

30th October
School diary entry "Tomorrow there is to be a holiday, in consequence of the heir of Ynscedwyn, F V Gough Esq coming of age; the children of the various schools are to have a procession and treat. This as a matter of course has increased the attendance, the numbers this afternoon being 128".

The 'heir' of an estate or a title was the oldest son of the family Ynscedwyn Housewho would become the owner on the death of the father. The drawing of Ynscedwyn House shown here was made in 1838.

The 'coming of age' meant that the son, Fleming Dansey Gough, had reached the age of 21, which meant that this particular birthday was marked with celebrations for all the local people.
The local children made a special effort not to be absent from school on that day, because of the free party !

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