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This entry from the 1889 school Log Book of Ynscedwyn School shows that the school was very strict over the payment of the penny a week fees mentioned on the last page.

This was written in April 1889, and it says:
"According to instructions from the Board, I have made special efforts this week to collect School Fees. Only those children who had brought their School Fees (and the paupers) were allowed to enter School on Monday morning".

Paupers - very poor people.
Arrears - an outstanding debt, or money that is owed.
12th April
School log book entry

This shows that children in poor families which were getting money from the parish to keep them in food and clothing, or who were living in the workhouse (called "the paupers") did not have to pay.

An earlier entry made in 1881 said "Have been very busy this week preparing a list of all school pence defaulters - the total arrears of fees amount to £43..4..8."
This meant that 43 pounds 4 shillings and eight pence in pre-decimal money was owed to the school for fees, which would have been just over £43.23 today - quite a large sum for 1881.
There is another example of the money problems faced by many people in the district on the next page...

Another example of local poverty...


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