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  Railways, roads, and canals  

By the time Victoria became Queen in 1837, Britain had been undergoing great changes.

After the 1760's people depended less on farming and more on manufacturing for their wealth.
Large towns and cities became packed with mills, factories and warehouses.
This time has become known as the Industrial Revolution,and transport was the key to Britain's industrial development during that period of our history.


At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution roads were used to carry the materials needed to supply the growing demands of industry.
From the 1790's canals were being built to carry goods quicker and more cheaply.
By the 1840's railways began to take over much of the work done by the canals.
Use the links below to find out about how some of these changes affected Powys in Victorian times...

An important system for the Victorians
An early network of toll roads
From horse-power to steam engines
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