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The National Curriculum emphasises the need to give children an awareness of changes across time by making comparisons.
This can be a "then and now" comparison looking at photographs, or comparing a community across a long period through changes in population.
We have used both photographs and population graphs on our site but have also addressed this issue by using Victorian maps.
Because our aim is to allow the children to compare maps of a community at different times we have not concerned ourselves with technical issues like matching scales etc. We have roughly adjusted scales to allow children to compare like with like as far as is possible.

Here are 2
maps of Hay.
1" to 1 mile
(left) and
25" to 1 mile
(right). They
have been
adjusted to
compare them
more easily

Occasionally on the website we have used a very detailed Ordnance Survey map surveyed at the huge scale of 25" to 1 mile. These maps are a wonderfully detailed local history source but carry so much information they can be very difficult to interpret at the KS2 age range.
We have therefore taken some information off the maps to make this easier. (Spot height figures and field acreages are irrelevant to the simpler purposes of comparing maps to see changes)


As you can see from the above maps and many others across the website, we have coloured in the rivers, streams, canals and mill races in blue to make the maps easier to interpret.

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