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Our aim is to help the Primary Schools of Powys address that part of the National Curriculum which falls into the Modern Wales category. Given the nature of project's staffing and resources, we took from this period the reign of Queen Victoria.
In teaching history at Key Stage 2 there is always a danger that children will come away from their course of work with the impression that history - however interesting - always happens somewhere else.
It has always been our aim to show the great changes of the Victorian period through developments in communities the children know.


In order to exploit the records of local communities we have aimed our website at Years 5/6. We are aware that even then some of this material will be quite challenging for some of the children.
However, if we keep the presentations at a simpler level we will not be able to exploit the material which is genuinely local, and children will be missing out on an important awareness that history happens right here - and the evidence is around us !
We are also lucky that the children will not be accessing this material "in a vacuum" but as part of a programme of work structured and supported by their teacher.


Many of the extracts of archival material like the one above will be difficult to read for most children. These extracts are always transcribed underneath.
Their images are included so that children come away from the site with the awareness that we know what happened in history because someone recorded it.
This material is always interpreted and often has accompanying graphics as well.

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