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Punishment and discipline at Old Radnor School  

In October 1883 a new Headmaster, Mr William Stone, came to Old Radnor School. His wife also came to teach the younger children. He was very unhappy with the children's behaviour and soon set out to improve it.
Six children were caned in their first two months at the school.

Here is just one occasion when he got out the cane...

  extract from the Old Radnor School records

It reads:
"Caned Elizabeth Butler for copying and 'Disobedience' also for lying".

At Evancoyd School in the summer of 1879 the Headteacher Mr Davies was very angry indeed with two of his boys who had commited a nasty and pointless offence. They were caned on the hands.

Master beating a boy
  School log book entry

Mr Davies' record of the events reads:
"I had occasion to punish George Davies & Page Stedman this afternoon for robbing a wren's nest & breaking the eggs which had young ones in them. The punishment was one cut on each hand."

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