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  Getting wet in Broad Street !  

This photograph of old Presteigne was taken in 1910, which was a few years after the death of Queen Victoria (she died in 1901).
We are cheating a little bit here because it is such an interesting picture !

Photograph by kind permission of
Mrs Cherry Leversedge
of Presteigne
Broad Street
Firemen in Broad Street

The picture was taken in Broad Street, Presteigne, during a demonstration of the equipment used by the town's Fire Brigade.
The horse-drawn fire pump (you can see the shafts of the wagon) is being used to spray water through the hose and it looks as if the people in the background are getting soaked !
The old Shire Hall, which is now open as "The Judge's Lodging", can be seen on the left hand side.

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