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in Victorian times
  An early engraving of Presteigne  

This picture shows Broad Street in Presteigne as it was in 1832, some five years before Queen Victoria was crowned. It is from a lithograph by an artist called Joseph Murray Ince, who lived in Presteigne for many years.
The old Shire Hall, which is now open as 'The Judges Lodging', can be seen on the left in this view.

Broad Street

Print of Broad Street

A lithograph is a type of print which is made from an original picture drawn by the artist on stone or on a metal plate.
The lines of the picture are cut into the surface by an engraving tool and these small hollows hold the ink when the image is printed on to paper.
The surface of the printing plate is greased beforehand so that the printing ink does not spread beyond the parts that have been engraved.

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