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  An accident at the tollgate

Travelling at night on the turnpike could be a dangerous business in Victorian times and accidents were not unknown.
One of these was recorded by Mr. Newell of Presteigne who was a newspaper reporter. His notebook tells us what happened...

in proximity - being close to something
By kind
permission of
Mrs Cherry
entry from reporter's notebook

Apparently a poultry dealer was on his way home from Presteigne in the dark. The report continues...
Pony and trap at night"when going at a fearful rate, his horse "cleared" the Upper Turnpike Gate "trap and all", shattering the gate to pieces, but doing no damage to himself or his horse and vehicle. He returned to the scene of the incident, and offered the gate keeper payment for damage done, but this was not accepted, and probably he may hear more of his "reckless" conduct. The wonder is that he escaped with his life and did not dash the toll-keeper to the ground, who was in dangerous proximity when the affair occurred."

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