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Support for abandoned children

To reduce the cost of poor relief in 1743, the overseers of the parish seized the following possessions which belonged to their father.
The items would have been sold and the money used for their day to day needs.List from Quarter Sessions records
The names of the things included in the list are shown below in green next to the image.

"one Trend,
one Tub,
two Bedsteads,
four Sheets,
two Blankettes,
one Feather Bed,
two Rugs,
three Boulsters,
one Chest,

three Boxes,
Pewter Dishes,
four Pewter Plates,
one Pewter Tankard,
Eighteen Pewter spoons,
one Shirt,
one Black silk hood,

Apprentice - a person bound to a master to learn a trade.
Trend - possibly a wooden bowl or plate.
Furkin - firkin - a small cask holding about eight to nine gallons (40 litres) of beer or ale.
Boulster - bolster - a long pillow.
Pewter - a grey metal made out of tin and lead.
Shift - loose fitting dress or underwear.
Trencher - flat piece of wood used as a plate.

  four handkerchiefs,
four womens Caps,
three Napkins,
two Pillows,
one Pillowboss,
about forty Pounds of Coarse wool,
two Iron pots,

three pails,
two old Dripping Pans,
a Dozn of wooden Trenchers,
Eight Bottles,
one Little Peg,

five old Bags."

When the children were old enough they probably became apprentices and lived with a master to learn a trade. Many pauper children were not so lucky and were simply used as servants in the houses of labourers and on small farms.

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