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  Stale bread for Crickhowell workhouse

The master of the workhouse was often instructed by the Board of Guardians to make sure that conditions were not better inside the workhouse than outside. Even bread that was bought for the inmates was not supposed to be too fresh.

The following is for the supply of bread at Crickhowell workhouse, November 1836...

Board of Guardians - local landowners and rate payers who managed the running of the workhouse
  Entry from workhouse records

This handwriting from the record book says:
"Resolved that Thomas Maddy's tender for bread be accepted viz. at Two pence per pound the quality to be best seconds - to be delivered if required at the Poor House of Crickhowell, the Poor House of Langattock, Lanelly and Tretower - the bread to be not less than 24 nor more than 48 hours old."

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