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Smallpox in Forden workhouse

Smallpox was a horrible disease which was common during Victorian times. Fortunately it has now been eradicated worldwide.

The symptoms started with a fever and rash which quickly developed into pus filled blisters. Survivors were always disfigured by pock marks on their skin.

Eradicated - got rid of.
Pus - thick yellowish matter inside blisters.
Pock marks - small lumps and hollows.

  The following Entry from workhouse recordswas taken from the Forden workhouse records at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Here the older inmates are being temporarily discharged and given "out pay" (money to buy food while they are away from the workhouse).  
  Entry from workhouse records

The writing shown above reads:
"Persons in House allowed Out Pay for a time
on account of Small Pox.

Ordered that the undernamed Persons be paid the weekly pay of 1s each for one month or a longer time if necessary, they being discharged the House 11th inst, on account of the Inoculation having taken place in the House, viz Ann Jones aged 75, Margaret James 77, Owen Owens 81, Edward Jones 78, Hester Reynolds 58, Richard Lloyd 80, and Ann Owens 86. Elizabeth Griffiths 76 and Bridget Gardner 74."

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