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Pryce Jones was clearly very good at gaining publicity for his rapidly growing mail-order drapery business. In 1862 he received an order from Florence Nightingale, and promptly used her name in his advertising material !
In the 1870s he took advantage of the new railway lines which had reached Newtown, and started taking examples of Newtown's famous Welsh flannel to exhibitions in Europe and America and in later years even to Australia.


Royal Welsh

From a sales
leaflet sent
to customers

Royal Welsh Warehouse
By 1873 he had also taken over the premises where he first learned his trade as an apprentice, but as his orders increased he needed even more space. His solution was to buy some land near the railway station on which to build his impressive new Royal Welsh Warehouse, shown here.
The official opening of the building in October 1879 was a very big occasion for the town, and was attended by the Marquess of Londonderry, Lord Sudeley, and many other important guests.
customers of
the Royal
Warehouse in
Part of sales leaflet

Pryce Jones took full advantage of the many orders his business obtained from royalty and the aristocracy. The heading of a sales leaflet which he sent out in 1878 is shown above, with Queen Victoria and the Princess of Wales at the top of the list !
At this time he also supplied members of almost every royal household in Europe, and listed many of them in his advertisements.
There is more about the remarkable achievements of Pryce Jones of Newtown on the next page...

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