Newtown and district
Victorian views
  Market day in Broad Street, Newtown  

This is another interesting Victorian photograph taken on a Fair Day or market day around 1888.
The view is looking north along Broad Street towards the Long Bridge over the River Severn. Like the picture of the livestock market in High Street, Newtown of around the same date, there are a number of young children wandering around who may well have being playing truant from school !

Broad Street
around 1880
Broad Street around 1880

Many photographs like this one taken in the late Victorian period are a rich source of information about life at that time because Photographer at workthey were able to record so much detail.
The early cameras used to take pictures like this were very large, and were made of polished wood with brass fittings and an adjustable leather bellows. They did not contain a little roll of film like modern cameras, but used big glass plates and each plate just held a single picture.

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