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  The Checkers Inn, Newtown  

The picture on this page comes from an old souvenir postcard of the Checkers Inn, which stood in Broad Street, Newtown. This was claimed to be the last thatched building in any town in Montgomeryshire.
The Checkers Inn was known locally as 'Hotel de Straw Hat' because of the thatched roof, and this postcard from around 1900 included this name in the caption.

Checkers Inn
around 1900
Checkers Inn, Newtown

The little shop at the right hand end of the building had been in Checkers Inn as a grocery, a saddlery, and a fish shop at different times.
The small photograph on the right shows people outside the shop in 1900.
Sadly this attractive old building was demolished in the early 1930s, although there were many protests from local people who wanted it to be saved.

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