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  A list of problems at Penygloddfa  

The early schools always had problems with getting children to attend regularly for lessons. In 1867 the head teacher at Penygloddfa British School in Newtown wrote in the official Log Book five of the main causes of smaller attendances at his school during that year...

1st October
School diary entry 1st - "A loss of P.Teachers [Pupil Teachers], those who left having been much liked by the Scholars".
2nd - "A change of Teachers at the National School, and strenuous efforts made to secure an increased attendance there".
3rd - "Higher fees being charged in this, than at either of the Church Schools".
4th - "The prevalence of hooping cough during a part of the winter, and the spring months".
5th - "An increased demand for juvenile labour in the factories".

"Pupil Teachers" were widely used in Victorian schools. They were chosen from the older children and some were paid small sums to help in the teaching of the younger ones. The "PTs" at this school must have been particularly good, for school Log Books often show that many were hopeless.
"British Schools" (nonconformist) were often in competition with "National Schools" (church schools) to educate the local children, and in this case the two local church schools also charged less for lessons.
This list also shows that the local textile mills and factories were still doing well in 1867, and were keen to take on young - and cheap - workers !

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