Newtown and district
Victorian views
  Newtown in 1846  

This picture is an early engraving made in 1846 which gives a birds-eye view of Newtown. It is looking towards the south from the Penygloddfa side of the River Severn.
The river is almost completely hidden in this view, but it can be seen at bottom right before it disappears behind the higher ground. The Long Bridge is just to the left of the two trees at the lower centre of the picture. The river reappears on the left as it bends sharply around the old church of St Mary.

View of
Newtown in 1846

In 1846 the old Market Hall still stood in Broad Street, and the part of the street between the hall and the Long Bridge was called Long Bridge Street. After the removal of the Market Hall it all became Broad Street.
In this picture Long Bridge Street and Broad Street run at an angle across the middle of the picture.
The newly built church of St David can be seen at top right in this picture. This was a much larger replacement for the old church by the river.

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