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Earning a living
  Slaters directory: Attorneys to Coopers  
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Extract from Slater's Directory

In this extract from 1858 we can see some more of the people making a living in the area.

The attorneys were lawyers, and were considered to be professional men. This meant that although they had to do a job for a living they were educated men and generally thought to be "above" the tradesmen.
(In Victorian times professional people were always men. It wasn't until right at the end of the period that women could have a university education).

In rural mid Wales the blacksmith had an important role. As well as shoeing the hundreds of horses at work in the countryside, he made and mended a wide range of tools and machinery.

Today most people buy shoes made in factories abroad and sold in shoe shops in Britain. In Victorian times shoes were nearly all made by local shoemakers out of leather tanned locally. With wellingtons not yet widely available the local workman would wear hobnailed boots which he would have repaired when they needed it.

In Victorian times there were no plastics and glass was fairly expensive. Large quantities of liquid were therefore transported by barrel. The cooper in his workshop made wooden barrels. This was a very skilled and important job. When the barrel was not needed it could be taken apart and stored.



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