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The case of Elizabeth Grist
  Police Constable John Hughes traced Elizabeth Grist to Newtown. He discovered that she had stayed at the boarding house of John Green, and he found a box that she had left there containing some of the stolen clothes. She herself was not there and the search continued.  
Drawing by
Rob Davies

A few days later Police Constable John Lloyd found Elizabeth at Dolfor, where she had got a job working as a servant at The Garreg.
PC Lloyd had the stolen clothes with him and he asked her whose they were. Elizabeth admitted that they belonged to Mrs Ridge, and handed over other stolen items.
She was taken into custody and brought before the authorities. When questioned she said she had nothing to say.
Elizabeth Grist spent Christmas in gaol and was tried on the 4th January 1849. The records show that although only 17 she had been to court before under the name Elizabeth Davies, also for stealing.
Elizabeth pleaded guilty this time and t
he extract below from the court records tells us the verdict and sentence.


It reads:
'Ordered that the prisoner Elizabeth Davies otherwise Elizabeth Grist be transported beyond the seas to such place as Her Majesty with the advice of her Privy Council shall direct for the term of seven years.'
This meant that Elizabeth was sent to the penal colonies in Australia and almost certainly never came back.
She did not sell the clothes she stole, and when she left Mr and Mrs Ridge's house she had wages owing to her so she does not appear to have taken the clothes for money. We will never know why she was tempted to steal but she paid a heavy price.

The mark of
Elizabeth Grist

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