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Montgomery and district
in Victorian times
  Mr. Eaton's Christmas show  

The photograph below shows the carcasses of local butcher John Eaton. It was probably taken in 1888 and shows the freshly butchered animals made ready for sale at Christmas.
For many of the poorer families fresh meat was something they could only rarely afford so they would save up to treat themselves at Christmas.

Picture by kind permission of the Old Bell Museum,
Montgomery Civic Society

Click on the image above to see an advert for Mr Eaton's Christmas Show

Mr Eaton is obviously proud of his craft. In Victorian times butchers would hang their carcasses in a prominent place to to entice people into their shops.
Whereas now we eat meat within a few days of the animal being slaughtered, then it was the custom to let the meat "hang" for several days or longer. This was said to improve the flavour.

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