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Montgomery and district
in Victorian times
  The remains of Montgomery Castle  

This picture comes from an old picture postcard of the ruins of Montgomery Castle, which stood on a rocky outcrop overlooking the little town.
The Victorians and Edwardians were keen on wild and romantic scenes like this, and it was much visited by the tourists and travellers of the time, including the two ladies seen below !

Ruins of
early 1900s
Postcard of castle

Postcard of castle.The castle ruins are also shown in this early hand coloured postcard (right).
The castle was built in 1223 as a defensive fortress to guard the border between England and Wales.
The Severn Valley was an obvious invasion route into the Welsh hills from Shrewsbury, and Montgomery served originally as a garrison town.
The castle was ordered by Parliament to be demolished in the 17th century after the Civil War.

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Cards like this were made by using tiny brushes to tint black and white photographs with coloured inks.
These pictures had much softer colours than the proper colour photographs which came along much later.
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