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  Worrall's Directory, 1874 - cloggers and criers !  

The 'Miscellaneous' section of the Machynlleth entry in the 1874 edition of Worrall's Directory of North Wales includes some interesting occupations...


Benjamin David was an excise officer, who would make sure that duty was paid on spirits and tobacco etc.
The skinner supplied finished leather hides after tanning.
Edmund Hitchen was a clogger, who made hard-wearing wooden clogs or shoes.
Several people provided lodgings, having rooms to rent in private houses.
The temperance house was a type of lodging house where alcoholic drinks were not allowed.
Matthew Jones was the Town Crier for Machynlleth in 1874. His job was to go around the town ringing a handbell and shouting out official announcements.
Richard Morris worked as a hairdresser, but also pasted up advertisements as a bill poster.
Evan Rees was listed as a photographer. The Victorians made great progress in photographic methods from the 1860's onwards, and local photographers were in demand for making studio portraits of the wealthier families of the district.

Miscellaneous trades,1874

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