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Crime and punishment
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The case of Mary Tibbott

Quarter Sessions entry.This entry shows that Mary Tibbott was accused of two crimes.
(The double ‘f’ in the word ‘flannel’ is an old fashioned way of writing a capital F).

The entry reads:
"For stealing a Flannel in the course of Manufacture and for Simple Larceny".

A flannel was a length of woollen cloth woven on a loom. Montgomeryshire was famous for its flannel industry.
The following entry from the court records shows what happened next ...

Evidence - information which proves something.

Charge - what someone is accused of in court.


Quarter Sessions entry.  

It reads:
"Prisoner pleads Guilty to the charge of simple larceny. Jury say not guilty of the Special Charge".

This shows that where there was not enough evidence the jury declared her to be not guilty of the Special Charge.
What happened to Mary Tibbott in 1840 ? ....

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