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Crime and punishment
  Removing poor people

Constable Jones was directed in his work by the local Justices of the Peace. He was instructed to look for strangers in the area and check them for anything suspicious. This was partly because it was thought that they might be criminals, but also that they might be poor people who could not support themselves.
In that case The Board of Guardians or workhouse authorities might have to pay for their keep.

The Constable regularly checked the lodging houses for strangers travelling through the area. Here are some of the people he found there and noted in his journal ...

Board of Guardians - local landowners and rate payers who managed the running of the workhouse.

  Policeman's journal entry

"One taillor [tailor], one blacksmith , 2 labours [labourers] -

Most of the travellers he found were people looking for work. In the Victorian period most clothes were made and sold by tailors rather than bought from a shop. Tailors also did a lot of work altering second-hand clothes.

All these tradesmen could easily travel around the countryside looking for work.

More strangers seen by Constable Jones ...


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