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Victorian trade directories
  Robson's Directory, 1840 - more allsorts !  

More entries from the alphabetical list of Machynlleth tradesmen (and a few women !) from the Robson's Directory of North Wales published in 1840 are shown below.
There is another unusual place to buy beer here - from Morgan Rees, the shoemaker !

The surnames
come first in
these lists !

Local tradesmen,1840

Local tradesmen,1840
Wool carders and fullers worked
in the local flannel making trade, which
was doing well for much of the
Victorian period.
Skinners and tanners worked in
the leather trade, preparing animal
skins for various uses.

The surgeon was not highly trained around this time, and is listed here among shopkeepers and other tradesmen. He was able to pull teeth and set broken limbs, but not much else. The gentry would call in a physician for treatment, and working people were dealt with by the surgeon.
In later years the surgeon became much more skilled and rose to the top of the medical profession.

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