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  The railway comes to town, 1863  

By 1850 there were well over 6,000 miles of railway track in use in other parts of Britain, but very little in Wales. Many leading members of the community around Machynlleth were keen to have railway links with the growing national network in order to help local industries to transport their goods.
The new railway line was eventually opened in 1863.

The new railway
line was officially
opened in
January 1863
by Countess Vane
of Plas Machynlleth

Railway opening, 1863

Earl Vane, of
Plas Machynlleth, was
a strong supporter of
the new railway. He
became chairman of
the Newtown and
Machynlleth Railway
Company in 1857, and
work on the new route
started in 1858.


As in other areas, the railway soon began to make a big difference to the district. Many local traders and craftsmen who supplied goods to the local community were put out of business by cheaper, mass-produced products brought in from English factories. Many of the trades listed in the local directories were lost.

Machynlleth Station,c1905

The photograph above right shows Machynlleth Station in the early 1900's. The carriage on the right was to collect guests for the Wynnstay Hotel. Most of the other horse-drawn coaches and carriers in the district had given up many years earlier because of the railway.

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