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School life
  A new school for Machynlleth in 1829  

In the early 19th century the National Schools Society was keen to set up schools all over England and Wales and Machynlleth was no exception.
At that time the majority of children in working families had no education at all, unless they were luckyPhoto of original school buildings enough to attend Sunday School.
Poor families often needed to send their children out to work for the income they could earn.

A grant of 1000 from a Mr John Jones helped to set up the new National School in Doll Street in 1829. This original school was housed in the old buildings which can be seen in the foreground in this early photograph.

Parents were very keen for their children to be able to learn to read and write. They hoped that this would mean that they could get a better job when they left school and avoid the harsher and badly paid work on the land or in mines, factories and quarries.

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