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Desperate people from Ireland, 1847  

At this time there was a terrible famine in Ireland, and thousands of people starved or died of disease. Thousands more fled to America and some made their way to Wales.

These were very poor people desperate for food and shelter. They Drawing of homeless peopleincluded groups at Forge factory who had been living in rough tents at the side of the road. Constable Jones moved them on, as recorded in his journal in August 1847. Part of the entry is shown below...

  Policeman's journal entry

This entry from the journal says:
"I was informed that there was a lot of Irish people - trubblesum [troublesome] - in this Part of Section. I removed [them] into Cardiganshire..."

The police in Cardiganshire almost certainly moved the Irish people on as well, to make sure that the cost of looking after so many poor strangers did not fall upon the local parish. It was a very hard time to be poor, especially if you were a stranger !

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