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Crime and punishment
  Cheating the Cambrian Railway  

In August 1869 a new kind of crime came to the attention of the court.
A Mr Strousberg was brought before the court charged with tryingArrest of a fare evader to travel on a train at Commins Coch station without paying.

The railway line operated by the Camrian Railway Company between Newtown and Machynlleth had only been opened six years earlier in 1863.

The court records shown here claim that Mr Strousberg got on a Cambrian Railway Company train:
"...without having previously paid his fare and with intent to avoid the payment thereof."

  Quarter Sessions entry

This might seem a relatively minor offence today, but this was a new crime in the area and the Justices were keen to stop anyone else trying it.
We do not know what the original sentence was, but Mr Strousberg probably faced a period in prison.

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