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The workhouse
  Deaths in the workhouse in 1865  

Like every other workhouse across the land Machynlleth workhouse was required to keep detailed records and accounts which were regularly checked. Although many of these records have not survived, a Register of Deaths in the workhouse is in the care of the Powys County Archives.

The contents of this book are perhaps the saddest among many sad entries in the workhouse records. They show us just how harsh the lives of the poorest members of the community in the mid-Victorian period could be.
The extract shown here records brief details of those who died in the workhouse in 1865. It tells us when they died, their names, how old they were, and where they were from.

  Entry from workhouse records

It reads:
"January 10th 1865 - Alice Jones - 1year - Uwchygarreg
March 30th 1865 - David Jenkins - 75 - Machynlleth
June 29th 1865 - David Lewis - 9months - Towyn
November 4th 1865 - Richard Roberts - 1 day - Darowen
November 4th 1865 - Ann Roberts - 1 day - Darowen
November 4th 1865 - Isaac Williams - 8months - Uwchygarreg November 11th 1865 - Thomas Rees - 3months - Towyn"

All the entries are of elderly people or babies, those least able to withstand the difficulties of disease and a poor diet.
Particularly sad is the death aged just one day of Richard and Ann Roberts - probably twins - whose unnamed mother was from Darowen.

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