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  Coach services in 1858  

The earlier trade directories included the times and routes of the horse-drawn coach services which passed through the town. The examples below are from Slater's Directory of North Wales for 1858.
These services, and carriers who operated horse-drawn goods wagons, did not last for long after the arrival of the steam railway at Machynlleth in 1863.



Coach services,1858

Posting inns,1858
Engraving of coach and four

Work started on the building of a new railway line to Machynlleth in 1858, the same year as this directory was printed. The coach Nearest railway,1858services shown here include the daily Royal Mail coach to Shrewsbury Station, which was already providing railway transport by this date.
Posting Inns, shown on the entry above right, were staging posts on the old coaching routes where letters were collected and dropped off. There were stables attached to the inns where the horses could be changed for fresh ones if necessary. Many old coaching inns can be easily spotted today, because most had a wide archway in the front of the building where the coaches were driven in to the courtyard and stables.

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