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School life
  Earning a living in Victorian times  
  In 1880 attendance at school was made compulsory up to the age of 10, but even after this children were regularly absent at certain times of the year.
Whenever potatoes were to be planted or lifted, or it was time for haymaking, children would be set to work in the fields because their families needed the little money they could earn.
  School log book entry

The extract shown above was from Darowen school in September,1880. It reads:Drawing of country boy
"Corn harvest going on briskly. Many small children who can be of no use are kept at home, because their mothers are out working. Sewing and knitting as usual".

Children were always needed to help with bringing in the harvest, and where possible the school holidays would be arranged for the same time to minimise the disadvantage to the children of farmers.

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