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Llanwrtyd and district
in Victorian times
  Dolcoed Terrace, Llanwrtyd Wells  

Another old photograph from a souvenir booklet of pictures of Llanwrtyd Wells and other towns in mid-Wales is shown on this page. This picture, also probably from the early 1900s, shows Dolcoed Terrace in Llanwrtyd Wells.

around 1903
Dolcoed Terrace  

The shop on the corner of Dolcoed Terrace carries the name of the Medical Hall on the side of the building.
This was a long established pharmacists business where "the utmost care is taken in the Dispensing of Medicine by Qualified Dispensers" and "The Drugs used are always the Best Quality" !

There seem to have been different spellings of the name 'Dolcoed' since it has also been spelt as 'Dolecoed', as used on another page in this sequence.

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