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Llanfyllin and district
Earning a living
  Tradesmen: miscellaneous  

Slater's Directory of 1858 lumped all those trades which didn't fit easily into a category into this one list of miscellaneous trades. This may make them sound unimportant but this faded list contains many important trades which gave local people a livelihood.

Among the retailers or sellers of various things are the local plumbers and decorators, and David Williams the local policeman.

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In Victorian times there were no plastics, and glass was fairly expensive. Large quantities of liquid were therefore transported by barrel.
The cooper in his workshop made wooden barrels.
This was a very skilled and important job. When not needed the barrels pattens could be taken apart and stored.

In the days before wellington boots, poorer women tied wooden pattens to their shoes to protect them from the mud. Every small town would have had a patten maker like David Davies of Llanfyllin.


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