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  The saddle maker in High Street  

This photograph shows the saddler's business of John Davies, who is on the right, holding the little dog.
The shop was in High Street, Llanfyllin in the former premises of the Cross Foxes Inn. This later became Globe House, and two Victorian shop fronts were added to the building.

Photograph by kind permission of the Powysland Club and the Llanfyllin and District Civic Society.
Saddlery in
High Street

Saddler's shop

The picture was probably taken around 1900, but it is a useful reminder of how important the skilled work of the saddler and harness maker was for much of the Victorian age.
The horse had been essential for all forms of transport until the steam railway took over some of the trade.
Horses were ridden, they pulled carriages and goods and farm carts and ploughs, trams on the early railways, and barges on the canals - and they all needed leather harnesses and reins.

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Many saddlery and harness making businesses were able to gain new trade even after horses became less important. There was a need for leather drive belts for a great variety of steam-driven machinery.
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