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The case of Will Price  
Drawing by
Rob Davies

John Davies reported the case of the missing Will to the police, and local policeman PC William Davies eventually caught up with him a few days later.
PC Davies found Will Price cowering in bed at home on the Thursday ! When searched he was found to have no money.

The wretched Will admitted he had got drunk in Oswestry in several pubs with Mr Davies' money, and he asked Mr Davies to forgive him.
Two pounds was a lot of money in 1856, and the court took a dim view of Will Davies' behaviour and found him guilty. The court record below reveals his sentence...
  extract from court records

It reads:
"Ordered that the prisoner be confined in the House of Correction for this county and there kept to hard labour for three calendar months".
This probably meant that Will Davies spent most of the three months in prison breaking rocks. When he came out of prison he would have found it very difficult to get employers to trust him and give him work.
If he was unemployed he would have had only the workhouse between him and starvation. .

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