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  The pauper children  

There are many reminders in the official records of Victorian schools of the poverty of many families with children of school age. The example below is from the Log Book of Pen-y-bont Fawr School in 1890.
The 'pauper children' mentioned were from very poor local families who were given money for essentials like food and clothing by the Relieving Officer from parish Poor Rate funds. They also received money for the children's school fees, but only if the children attended school regularly.

6th October
School diary entry "Sent a list of pauper children and their attendances to the relieving officer with a school fees return..."
The Log Book entry below is from the same school in 1895...  
15th March
School diary entry "The attendance is getting worse and worse which makes things look very serious. Some children are ill again and others are kept at home by their parents, their clothing and books being poor"...

Many parents desperately needed any extra money which could be earned by their older children from jobs like picking berries for sale at certain times of the year instead of going to school.
The Log Book of Bwlchycibau School from May 1894 records that "Richard Williams (aged 11) and Sarah Wynne (aged 11) both being scholars of the 3rd Standard have now been in service for three weeks".
This means that they had left school at just 11 years old to work as servants. New servants were usually hired for a year at the beginning of May at the local 'Hiring Fair'.

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