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in Victorian times
  The carriage awaits at Llwyn  

There were two large houses near Llanfyllin which belonged to the local gentry in Victorian times.
One of these was the mansion of Llwyn, just to the south of the town. The first house on the site was built for the Humffreys family around 1710, and greatly enlarged in 1759. It was very grand, with beautiful plaster ceilings and a huge oak staircase which rose up through three floors.

Photograph by kind permission of the Powysland Club and the Llanfyllin and District Civic Society.
at Llwyn,

Servant outside Llwyn

The family wealth was lost by later generations and the Llwyn estate was bought in 1852 by John Dugdale, who had made a fortune from industry in Lancashire.
His son, also called John, became Llanfyllin's first Mayor, helped to bring about the local railway service, built many houses and roads, and did a great deal to benefit the community.
In 1870 he increased the height of the mansion and added a new wing. The house was sold in 1945 and demolished in 1975.

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The cedar tree at the edge of the picture was planted around 1760. The trunk of the tree eventually measured over 18 feet (5.5m) around the trunk !
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