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Llanfyllin and district
Victorian school days
  Reading, writing, knitting, darning...  

There was a pretty regular routine of lessons at most Victorian schools. But fortunately many teachers writing in the official Log Books manage to make it sound more interesting than this particular teacher at Hirnant School in 1873...

6th-28th July
School diary entry
  This Log Book entry just reads "Taught reading, writing and Arithmatic" for every week from 6th to 28th July 1873, with the wrong spelling of arithmetic !
Apart from learning about words, letters, and sums there were also practical lessons for the girls from the Sewing Mistress. This example is from Llwydiarth School in 1893...
8th June
School diary entry
Drawing by
Rob Davies

This Log Book entry reads -
"The girls commenced their knitting of cuffs and strips for Inspection. They also had lessons in darning and cutting Drawing of sewing lesson out. The boys commenced drawing in books".

In Victorian times very few jobs were open to girls, and many would become household servants in the big houses of the wealthy 'gentry' in the district. The sewing lessons were necessary for many of these jobs, and they also helped to prepare them for looking after their own homes and families.

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