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  Drunk in charge of Bwlchycibau School !  
Drawing by
Rob Davies
Reports of bad behaviour at school by Victorian children turn up quite often in school Log Books or diaries.
Bad behaviour by the teachers, fortunately, is not so common. But when the School Inspector went to Bwlchycibau School in 1881 he said that the exam results were among the worst he had seen anywhere.
He blamed the teachers (all men !) and particularly one, Levi Pugh, who was lazy and drunk !
Part of the Inspector's official report on this visit to the school is shown here...
Drawing of drunken teacher
16th December
School diary entry "With this report I send to the Education Department one of the worst Examination Schedules I ever saw. In 1875, at its last Inspection under a School Mistress (Amelia Thomas) this School was very good. Ever since then, under a succession of unsatisfactory School Masters, it has been steadily getting worse until the lowest depth was reached this year in the idleness and drunkenness of the late teacher, Levi Pugh".

"As he is gone and the present Master, who has only been here three months, seems respectable and industrious I have refrained from recommending a reduction of the Grant ..."
So the school had been very good back in 1875 with a lady teacher in charge, but the men since then were rubbish ! The Inspector thought that the newly arrived teacher was hard-working so he was giving the school another chance to improve by the next Inspection before stopping the official grant of money !

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