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Llanfyllin and district
The Union Workhouse
  Spending the apprentice's money !  
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Rob Davies

These entries from the Llanfyllin workhouse records for 1873 show that the Board of Guardians had to keep an eye on tradesmen who took on children from there as apprentices.
The first entry shows a typical arrangement for providing money from the Poor Rate funds for the keep and clothing for a young boy sent to a local shoemaker to learn the trade.
The second entry suggests that money given to some tradesmen for this purpose was not always being spent on the apprentice ! The Board issued an order that in future the money must go to their own official, called the Relieving Officer, who would make sure that the money was spent for the right purpose !

Shoemaker's apprentice
27th March
Minute book entry
4th December
Minute book entry

These two entries are from the Minute Book of the Llanfyllin Union for 1873, and they read -
27th March - "Resolved that Evan Jones a pauper child belonging to this Union be bound an apprentice to Peter Jones of Llanerfil to learn the trade of a Shoemaker for 3 years, that he be allowed a premium of £4 and £1.5.0 for clothing".
4th December - "Resolved that in future all cheques for clothing allowed to apprentices to be given to the Relieving Officer of the district to which the apprentice belongs and that such Relieving Officer be requested to see that the apprentice is supplied with the clothing so allowed".

The words "bound an apprentice" were used because the arrangement between the young person and the skilled tradesman was a legal contract which both sides had to keep to - for up to five years with some trades !

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The 1871 Census
for Llanfyllin
workhouse shows
that Evan Jones
was only 8 years
old then ! So he was
apprenticed at
just 10 or 11 years
of age in 1873 !
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