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  Building the new Wesleyan Chapel  

This photograph was taken to mark the ceremonial unveiling of 25 memorial stones during the construction of a new Wesleyan Chapel in Bridge Street, Llanfyllin.
The first chapel was built in Church Street in 1809 and a larger replacement on another site was unsafe for use by the early 1890s.
This one was completed in 1904 after ten years of raising funds at the end of the Victorian age.

Photograph by kind permission of the Powysland Club and the Llanfyllin and District Civic Society.

Ceremony at chapel site

The future congregation of the new chapel have dressed in their finest outfits for the ceremony and gathered around the site to have their picture taken.
The memorial stones were to record the most generous of the local people who contributed to the £2,500 cost of the building, some of whom are standing on the scaffolding.

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