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Llanfyllin and district
The Union Workhouse
  Designed to keep families apart !  

One of the worst things (and there weren't many best things !) about Victorian workhouses was the complete separation of families, with men, women and children housed in different parts of the building. They were built in ways to make this easier to control, and to provide enclosed yards for the different groups.
This map section shows the shape of Llanfyllin workhouse, which was similar to many others of the time.

Part of an
Survey map
of 1904
Map showing workhouse The Master of the
workhouse and his family
lived in the block at the
centre of the building.
The luxurious Board Room
in the workhouse was
only used for the regular
meetings of the Board of
Guardians !
Llanfyllin workhouse  

Although most workhouses looked very forbidding, and were meant to, some had a more elaborate treatment on one side. The shaped stonework around the windows at Llanfyllin helps to improve the appearance of the building, but it probably didn't help the unfortunate people inside very much !

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