in Victorian Powys
  Providing services in the Victorian years  

At the start of the Victorian period, some of the services which we receive today from Powys County Council were administered by the Quarter Sessions.
These were meetings held four times a year to take care of such business as ordering repairs to bridges and highways, passing judgement on certain crimes and offences, and dealing with complaints under the Poor Law.
This was the system under which relief from parish funds was given to poor people of the county, and it was delivered through unions of parishes - the Poor Law Unions.
See our pages on the communities of Powys to see how the poor were cared for (or dealt with !) locally in Victorian times.
County Councils took over the administrative responsibilities of the Quarter Sessions in 1888, and had further powers given to them at the end of Queen Victoria’s reign.

Victorian school children
From 1890, County Councils were responsible for housing and planning, and for children’s education after 1902. In Powys, three County Councils were created, for Montgomeryshire, Radnorshire and Brecknock.At the beginning of the Victorian era schools were run by two voluntary societies, known as the National Society (Anglican church schools) and the British Society (non-conformist schools).  

Under this system, many children still did not receive a standard education, but in 1870, a new Education Act allowed School Boards to build and manage schools in places where children were not receiving an adequate education.

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