Victorian Powys for primary  schools
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Education and schools
in Victorian times
  Improvements to the education system

The Government had given grant money to help the National Society and the British Society to build new schools since 1833.
From 1862, head teachers of all schools receiving money from the Government were required to make a daily entry in a school Log Book (see below) about what happened at school that day.
See our pages on schools in each of the communities for examples of what teachers wrote about school life in Powys during Victorian times !

  In 1870, the Government passed an Education Act which tried to provide for a full education for the children of poor people.
Where there were no National or British Society schools in a town or village, a School Board was set up to build and run a school. (These schools are sometimes Board Schools.)
The School Board determined whether or not there should be religious education in the school. If the school was to have religious education, it should not be denominational, that is, it should not be of one particular following of Christianity, such as Anglican or Baptist.
school log book

The British Society schools were incorporated into the School Board system, but the Anglican National schools, and the Roman Catholic schools, preferred to stay outside the new system.

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