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Crickhowell and district
in Victorian times
  Bell's grocery store  

This photograph was taken shortly after the end of the Victorian era, in the early 1900s.
This impressive building in Crickhowell was Bell's Stores, a grocery business on the corner of Standard Street. The shop is decorated with flags and banners to mark a special occasion - perhaps a royal visit to the town.

Bells Stores
in the early
Bell's  Stores, Crickhowell
The early Edwardian years from 1901 were the start of the motor age, when horse-drawn transport slowly began to give way to the 'horseless carriage'. An early motor car or van is just visible on the left in this picture.

The business on the left was owned by Alex F Wallace, who sold "All kinds of English and Foreign Fruit in Season". They also sold hay, straw, chaff, corn, seed and manure !
Wallace's building survives, but Bell's Stores with its elegant curved window was knocked down in the early 1930s.

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