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Crickhowell and district
in Victorian times
  Three Salmons Inn  

This photograph was taken around 1900, and it shows the Three Salmons Inn in Bridge Street, Crickhowell.
In the front on the left and right are John Herbert, the landlord of the inn, and his wife. A member of their staff stands farther back in the centre of the picture.

The Three
Salmons Inn
around 1900
Three Salmons Inn
For more about the inns of Crickhowell see the "Earning a living" pages or Click here

In Victorian times even very small towns had far more inns than they have today. This was because travel was much more difficult when it was dependent upon the horse.
Roads were often very bad and long journeys meant that several overnight stops could be needed along the way. Many former inns were later to become private houses.

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